About Me

I was born in the small town of Greensburg, Indiana. As I grew up we bounced around from place to place and sometimes state to state. When I finally was able to set down roots it happened to be in a smaller town of Hope, Indiana. Stephen King inspired me to become a writer with the brilliant story telling he has been able to create. Here I stated working on short stories and struggling harder as an author. After years of having nothing happen from my writings I simply gave up. I felt that if something was going to happen it would have by now. I moved away to Minnepolis, MN where I became a father and got a job as a Security Officer. I still wrote in my free time but it was just for fun. All the while my friends and family encouraged me to pursue a career in writing again. I finally decided to get serious again. I have now released my first novel Across the Ages and I couldn’t be happier.

In other news you may have heard, or may not have heard, that I am a hardcore Dungeons & Dragons gamer. Yes, I love all things D&D but my passion for the last ten years has been Forgotten Realms. I just love to immerse myself into that world. RA Salvatore was another factor that helped fuel my passion for The Realms. Oddly enough though I was not introduced to The Realms through the eyes of Drizzt, but rather through The DemonWars Saga. I’ve been hooked on RA Salvatore ever since on he probably long ago tired on my many questions to him on social media.

In any case to keep myself busy I am now working on my second novel and hope to have it finished soon. Thanks for reading and game on!

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