Forgotten Realms

About ten years ago I was introduced to Forgotten Realms when a friends of mine gave me her Campaign Settings books and a couple of supplementals. I was already an avid Dungeons and Dragons player but The Realms had all this lore and vibrance that I took to straight away. Naturally when you are passionate about something, and you fancy yourself a writer, you write about it. For the longest time I’ve had all these ideas about writing  stories about The Realms but knew that publishing anything Forgotten Realms related would get me into a legal bind. Keep in mind that this is fan fiction and while I try and keep things as canon as possible, I am not actually associated with Ed Greenwood or the Forgotten Realms in any way other than being a fan. That being said please enjoy what’s to follow. There won’t be anything world changing in my stories, why would there, but you will see these events coincide with the Realms timeline.