The End

Aramas had become a cold desolate place. The Blight had killed everything in its wake. Plant, animals, even people began to become withered by it. Irremarans seemed immune to this but with no land for food and no rivers for water they too would eventually die. Travel within Blighted lands became nearly impossible. It fed off all energy including life energy. It is said that spending a week in Blighted lands is the same as aging ten years unless you are able to find shelter. Many blame the use of Arcane Magic for the Blight others blame the Vorare, they devour everything in their path to satisfy their hunger only to never be quenched. They are more commonly referred to as World-eaters. Truth be told it was a combination of both of these and much, much more.

This is not the story that you are being told today however. Today’s story focuses on three sisters joined at birth by a bond that transcends all others. They are not only sisters but identical triplets. You would then think for as closely as one resembles the other that they would be similar in other things as well, but the truth of the matter is they couldn’t be more different. Do not focus on this however; more stories will come from this one. What we come to focus on is a red-headed Hin who has crossed into Blighted lands. She stands at a tower under the full influence of the Blight. Crystalis Undren chased her sister Emeraldin this far because she knew what she was attempting to do. Emeraldin was attempting to open a portal from this one to the spirit world, to allow the Vorare in to take what was left and leave Aramas dead. Unbeknownst to Crystalis she was being followed as well, by her youngest sister Sapphira. Sapphira has stopped at a stone shelter built to specifically protect from the Blight’s influence. She need to catch her breath before moving on. Crystalis steps inside the tower and out of the influence of the Blight. At the same time Sapphira moves from the shelter knowing how far Crystalis will go to do what she feels is right. Emeraldin is kneeling at an Alter muttering an incantation and a few minutes later Crystalis steps inside and draws her long sword and a large shield from her back. Suddenly the room shifts, Crystalis loses her balance and falls as a creature steps from a portal into the room. Crystalis had seen the Vorare before and involuntarily shutters at its presence as the Vorare disappears to feed on the rest of the living parts of the world.

It’s too late Crys, soon everything will be gone.” Emeraldin states plainly.

You’re wrong Emeraldin, if I kill you here and now that thing goes back.”

Emeraldin looks to Crystalis sadly, “I’m sorry Crys, but our world has to die. Mortimal teaches us that only in death can anything be reborn. I can see that he’s shit now, I’ve rejected him but in this instance the prophecy is right.” Emeraldin touches her chest briefly, “Thanks to him, I carry death with me everywhere I go. I will make right what the Overseers will not.”

Crystalis’ face softens even as her grip tightens, “Look at how you had to do it though Emmy. Look at all the suffering you caused in the process.”

Anything good that comes, must come with sacrifice. History may not remember me for the changes I made but they will damn sure remember my accomplishments,” Emeraldin smiles a bit.

Crystalis frowns at this, “Why? Why did you have to do this?”

You can’t put this all on me sister. Others helped. I wasn’t alone.”

Crys lowers her gaze only a moment, “This is true, but that’s because we killed the others.”

Emeraldin nods, “Silverguard have become quite good at killing Fallen, but think about it Crys, we are the last of our kind on this world. Together we can bring things as they are meant to be. The world will be reborn and Fallen and Overseer will sit together as it was meant to be!”

Crys sneers, “You are crazy.”

Why do you fight this so hard Crys? Don’t you want a better world?”


Don’t Crys, I don’t want to fight you.”

I don’t want to fight you either but I have to stop this, as long as there are Fallen, there will be Vorare. The Blight cannot end as long as you live,” Crystalis state resolutely.

Emeraldin draws her own sword and shield, both smaller and thinner compared to Crystalis’, “If that is your choice, then so be it.”

Sapphira burst into the room, “What in the name of the Overseers do the two of you think you are doing.”

Crys stares straight at Emeraldin, “Leave it alone Sapph, you have no idea what you’ve walked into.”

Emeraldin snaps at Crys, “Don’t talk to our sister like that!”

Enough talk!” Crystalis shouts as she charges Emeraldin.

NO!” Sapphira screams.

Crystalis stops and looks to Sapphira with sad eyes. She mouths the words ‘I’m sorry.’ This was the opportunity Emeraldin had been waiting for. She slams a hand down on a symbol glowing in the ritual altar behind her. The same alter that her friend Mirar had used to replace her heart with one of Mortimal’s creation. The same alter used to summon the Vorare locking the Vorare in Aramas until all life is gone. Almost immediately a golden light began to surround Emeraldin grabbing both Sapphira and Crystalis’ attention. They both realize what is happening to Emeraldin as the room begins to shutter and shake.

She’s ascending!” Crystalis screams.

Firmly Crystalis and Sapphira run to her, the room shaking violently. Footing slips and the trek across the short distance was difficult but both girls reach Emeraldin in time and grab her. In an instant the room darkens and all three women are gone. Screams are heard in the distance as the Vorare begins its final rampage on Aramas.

Author’s Note:

Do not worry. This is only the begin of my project. All stories of Aramas will take place before these events. Most will involve the Undren triplets but for now I will simply work on telling those stories.

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