Across the Ages

Key of Solomon

Across the Ages

Imagine a world where all your fears are real. Where hell has spilled over and the world is on the brink of destruction. Darkness has descended upon the Earth and fallen into chaos. Most of the globe is a virtual wasteland with only a few safe areas left. The government of the once proud United States of America has split. The Politicians and The US Military fell into shambles as they argued the best way to save the globe from this threat. They become Enigma and The Paladins setting up city-states and scrambled to occupy land and power. Unfortunately during the struggle the remains of humankind fell to despair being consumed by an insatiable evil, an entity known to the world simply as The Darkness. Zombies, demons, and others monsters began to roam the lands feasting on any unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Even the end of the world was not enough to stop technological advancement. New technology has been developed to help humanity combat the growing darkness. Their greatest design; biological implants and cybernetic technology. Super solders have come from these implants capable of being able to create and control fire to super human strength. Even with these advancements humankind is still losing the fight.

The world’s only hope lies in three women Chosen by Destiny. An experiment upon a mystery pool of water has resurrected these Chosen with no memory of their past lives. Circumstances have separated them and in the process The Darkness has continued to spread its evil influence. As they find one another, they must discover who they truly are in the process. The Darkness’ sends one of its greatest minions, The Scion, to put an end to these Chosen and solidify its imminent victory.

Will The Chosen be able to stop The Darkness from consuming all the world or has it spread so far that all hope is lost?