First Story Is Up

So I posted my first short story to the site today.

It focus’ on the halfling Alenna Breinna who has a few problems shall we say. Alenna has some … issues so to speak. The story follows her journey to recover her son from The Underdark where Alenna was kept as a slave from birth. Don’t think however because she is a halfling that she can’t kick ass. Alenna is capable of standing toe to toe with the best. So enjoy yourself as read just a small portion of Alenna’s story.

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It’s very basic I know but I did it. I made my own website! That’s huge! Of course if you are reading this then guess what … YOU ALREADY KNOW!

No but seriously I had a good time doing this and while I am by no means finished, I’ll be adding things of course, The ground level is complete! Game on!

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Greetings everyone. Welcome to my website. I knew that things are rather bare at the moment but please be patient with me while I am getting things together. Thanks!

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